Jung Geunwoo is the best problem

Coach Kim Sung-geun revealed the growth stories of the players who have made the “SK dynasty.”

“Jung Geun-woo was the most problematic person. It’s amazing that I’ve been a problematic person for so long,” Kim Sung-keun said on his YouTube channel “The Baseball Life of Jung Geun-woo” on Wednesday. “The ones I was scolded for are the top class. They are okay even if they get scolded.”

“They were one of the few players except for Park Kyung-wan,” manager Kim Sung-keun recalled when he instructed his players to train harder after SK Wyverns coach Kim took office in 2007. “They were not even players,” he said. “Players must have been suffering day by day. Beyond that moment, people are created. Beyond that, there is a path and growth beyond compare. That changed Korean baseball.”

At the time, manager Kim Sung-geun focused on strengthening defense, which is represented by “Fungo,” and displayed solid results. It was a time when SK players such as Jung Geun-woo, Choi Jeong, and Kim Kang-min were considered to have grown rapidly, and SK, where Kim Sung-geun was the head coach, also created a “dynasties” that advanced to the Korean Series every year, including three wins in 2007, 2008 and 2010.

“Despite the harsh training volume, I don’t think we made a compromise. It was a time when young players around the age of our team became ‘let’s become baseball players,'” Chung recalled. “You guys were lucky to meet each other. For the next four to five years, no player in Korean baseball had such a mindset,” coach Kim Seong-geun said.

On the day, Jung also told the behind-the-scenes story of Kim Sung-geun’s wedding ceremony. Jung asked Kim to officiate early on, but he failed to accept the offer due to his lackluster performance in eight at-bats in the first and second games against the Doosan Bears in the 2007 Korean Series. “After the first and second games, he accepted, saying, ‘I will officiate, so do your best.’ He had a hit at the first at-bat the next day and flew around from then on,” Jung said.

“After losing two games in a row, I drank until dawn. I went to the practice field early in the morning and saw that Jung came out first with Kim Jae-hyun to practice. I gained hope after seeing them practice,” Kim said. In the 2007 Korean Series, SK won four straight games after losing two games, dramatically winning the title, and Kim Jae-hyun was named MVP.

On this day, manager Kim Sung-geun drew attention by telling behind-the-scenes stories about players at the time, including Jung Geun-woo, who ordered the start of the “SK dynasty” and harsh training, and about players he had with Lee Byung-kyu, Lee Man-soo, and Yang Joon-hyuk.

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