Shinyoung Choi holding Huons’ hand

And Lee Shin-young, the winner of the Women’s 3 Cushion World Championship, is finally heading to the team match, and the new face to fill the broadcast screen of the PBA Team League has become abundant. On top of that, Woori Financial Capital will continue to use the color of the dismantled Blue One Resort.

The 2024-25 season PBA Team League Draft was held at the Press Center in Jung-gu, Seoul on the 14th.

Teams with fewer players in the draft and teams that did not advance to the postseason will have the right to select players in reverse order. As a result, Huons ranked the lowest in the draft will have the right to select players in the first to fourth rounds.

As a result, Huons named Robinson Morales (Spain), who returned to the PBA as the first overall pick, and recruited Cha Yu-ram, who announced his return to active duty in a year and 10 months after going to politics as the first pick in the second round. On top of this, he pointed out Lee Sang-dae in the third round and Lee Shin-young in the fourth round, drawing attention only by his lineup.

As a result, Huons built a Spanish duo with foreigners Javier Palazon and Robinson Morales in the 24-25 season, with Lee Sang-dae and Choi Sung-won as domestic players, while Cha Yu-ram, Kim Se-yeon and Lee Shin-young will play in the LPBA.

In particular, Lee Shin-young drew attention last year by winning the 3 Cushion World Championship for the first time in Korean women’s basketball history, and immediately declared a conversion to the LPBA, making headlines again.

However, the PBA stage was not that easy. It had its first win over Jungmi Kim at the PPQ round of the sixth tour (NH Nonghyup Card Championship) in the 23-24 season, when it made its debut, but lost to Kim Bomin in the PQ round and turned its back on it. Since then, it has been recommended at the 7th tour (High1 Resort Championship) and the 8th tour (Welcome Savings Bank Championship), respectively, and suffered elimination from the PPQ round against Song Min-jeong. At the 9th tour, Crown Haitai Championship, however, advanced to the round of 16, the best performance in the professional league, showing off improved sense of play.

In an official press conference after the nomination, Lee Shin-young said, “I entered the professional league last year, and I feel good to be in a good team as soon as I came,” adding, “I will try to become a player who can be the strength of Huons.”

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