Coach studied all night + calculated 2001 game 3rd baseman specialized

Coach Lee Bum-ho approached Kim Do-young, who had been watching him carefully, as the coach was finishing his training, at Changwon NC Park on Wednesday. Lee said, “It was legendary that I played 2001 games as a third baseman. Kim Do-young, a student and junior at the same third base position, could not help but be seen. After Park’s training was over, Lee explained something hard as he pointed out every corner of the ground with the tip of his bat. After hearing the explanation, Kim nodded and moved steps around to take a defensive position.

Coach Park said, “The training is aimed at enabling Kim Do-young to effectively cope with bound or instructional batting during the third base defense process.” “As second and shortstop are far from batters, they have enough leeway to cope with the situation by watching the batting. However, first and third basemen are places where fast and strong batting comes in a lot, so instantaneous coping is important,” he said. “They need to prepare themselves well before defense and learn their senses using a tennis ball to get used to the port.”

Kim Do-young, who joined KIA as the first draft pick in the 2022 Rookie of the Year draft, played shortstop until high school, but Park Chan-ho, an undisputed shortstop, was already in the team.

KIA decided to raise Kim Do-young as a third baseman, and has used him as most of the third baseman since his debut season.

Third season since my professional debut. Still adjusting.

As Coach Park explained, there is a big difference between a Keystone position and a corner infielder. He is constantly making efforts, but there are still many things to be desired. Kim’s growth task is to complete a more stable defense in order to constantly revive and develop his natural batting talent.

“When I asked Kim Do-young about his role model as a third baseman, he called me Heo Kyung-min (Doosan Bears).” Heo Kyung-min, one of the best third basemen in the KBO league, also famous as a professional shortstop when he was in middle and high school. He has the league’s best defense capability through hard work. “We are editing scenes of Heo’s defense play by situation and making them into long videos, and we are also in the process of training them to learn how to play them,” Park said. “Since he is still a young player, strengthening his skills now will help him grow in the future. I think we should hold onto him and stay with him throughout this season (laughs). We will continue to research ways to help him as much as we can.”

“I am trying to focus more on defense in every recent game. Even if I make a mistake during the game, I will forget it quickly and try to be confident,” Kim said.

A player who never stops striving for growth and completion. Attention is focusing on the wonderful finished product that the assistants who support him will create together.

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