Storm Recruit Sono Signed a Two-Year Contract With Hong Kyung-gi This Time

Goyang Sono said on the 20th, “We have completed the FA contract with Hong Gyeonggi for a two-year remuneration of 60 million won (no incentive).”

Sono only recruited forwards Jung Hee-jae, Choi Seung-wook, Lim Dong-seop and Kim Young-hoon from the FA market. In addition, he acquired the Red Sox to strengthen Lee’s backup.

Hong was traded to Anyang KGC (currently Chung Kwan-jang) as the 10th pick in the second round of the 2011 KBL Rookie of the Year draft and made his debut in the eastern part of Wonju. Since then, he played in seven different teams before signing a contract with Sono. He has been playing as an active pro baseball player by repeating his retirement and comeback twice, showing his strong will.

“As a veteran player, I was impressed by his hustle play last season. It will be a good stimulus for young players and give them a boost in their offense,” Kim said.

In a total of 179 games in nine seasons, Hong recorded a success rate of 34.8 percent for 3.5 points and three-point shooting in an average of 10 minutes and 37 seconds. Notably, the success rate of three-point shooting in the recent three seasons was 37.9 percent. In addition, he played in the most time (average of 15 minutes and 38 seconds) since his debut last season, recording career highs in three-point shooting success rate (38.2 percent), rebounds (1.3), and assists (1.5).

Hong said, “My goal is for my team to win the title before I retire. I think I can do it without fail under the guidance of coach Kim Seung-ki. I will do my best to become a key player in archery basketball as a member of Sono.”

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