No. 1 in scoring – No. 1 in assists, No. 1 in offensive indicator

Liverpool defeated Newcastle United 4-2 in the 20th round of the 2023-24 Premier League (PL) held at Anfield in Liverpool, England, at 5 a.m. on the 2nd (Korea time). With the victory, Liverpool (45, 13 wins, 6 draws and 1 loss, 43 wins and 18 losses, +25) jumped to the lead in the league.

It was Salah who was the hero. Salah missed a penalty kick that Luis Díaz had at the 19th minute in the first half and scored the first goal at the 4th minute in the second half. Alexander Isaac scored the equalizer at the 9th minute in the second half to make it 1-1. Liverpool then scored Ryan Hravenberg, Cody Gakpo and Diogo Jota at the 19th minute in the second half to reinforce their attack. Liverpool took the lead again as Curtis Jones scored at the 29th minute in the second half.

The gap widened as Gakpo, who received Salah’s pass, scored an additional goal. The match was uncertain as only Sven Boat scored a chase goal, but Liverpool ended with a 4-2 victory as Salah scored a penalty kick in the 41st minute of the second half. Salah, who scored two goals and one assist, was named the highest rated player based on the soccer statistics magazine “Huscoordcom.”

With 14 goals and eight assists, Salah ranks first in scoring the most and assists. She has the most points, shooting, and effective shooting. As she gets older, some say that she is not as good as before, but she is still the best striker in the PL.

Just looking at the detailed records, it is truly remarkable. According to “Squoca,” Salah ranks first in touch with opponents (163 times), first in open play opportunities (46 times), first in effective shooting (33 times), first in critical shooting (17 times), first in critical situations (12 times), first in scoring contributions (22 times), and first in combined score and assistance (20.1). It is truly overwhelming.

The record overwhelms Son. Son ranks fifth (130 times) in the opponent team’s bath, fifth (36 times) in open play opportunities, third in effective shooting (26 times), third in critical chances (11 times), fifth in scoring eight times in critical situations, third in scoring contributions (17 times), and eighth in combined score and expected help (11.78), which was less than Salah’s.

Salah’s soccer shoes were highlighted after the match. During an interview with Sky Sports in the U.K., he was asked about soccer shoes. “It’s not superstitious to change soccer shoes, but I felt that way, so I replaced them. It sounds stupid, but in the second half, I didn’t want to think that it was soccer shoes that I didn’t score. I kept my mind calm and focused on the game,” he said.

Salah, who is playing crazy, will leave Liverpool for the time being with the African Cup of Nations. There are other strikers, but the absence of Salah is a big blow to Liverpool, which is looking for the lead. Coach Jurgen Klopp will already be worried.

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